Why I love to travel

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Why I love to travel

I love to travel, it changes you in a way that nothing else can.  When we travel we discover new places, and we discover ourselves too.

Being somewhere new and different we are truly present, we live each moment, absorbing our surroundings.

Childhood wonderment is reignited and we notice the sights, sounds and smells of a place, taking joy from simple pleasures.

I love to spend the first day in a new city wandering without direction, roaming on foot soaking up the atmosphere of the place, seeing the everyday sights and sounds, letting it wash over me.

Paris, Rome, New York – I could walk these cities every day and never tire of it.

The more I travel the more confident and relaxed I become within myself.  I have learned not to stress the small stuff, that generally everything will be ok.

Because travel is not routine, and there are often “spanners” thrown in and things don’t work out as planned, you are forced to be adaptable and think differently.  This helps you grow your mind.

We experience risk and adventure, overcoming the fear of leaving our comfort zone and inspiring others to do the same.

I find myself adjusting more easily each time I arrive somewhere new.  Some of the students at international schools have been to school in several countries across the world, and these are the most mature, interesting and adaptable teenagers I have ever met.

Travelling opens your eyes and gives you perspective on life.  Experiencing a third world country where a problem is having no clean water, medical care, food or shelter, you realise how insignificant your problems are and begin to care about issues bigger than yourself.

As the saying goes, if we all threw our problems in a pile when we saw everyone else’s we’d grab ours back as fast as we could.

Travelling allows you to connect with other people who are interested in similar things.  I love that when you travel things like age, gender and ethnicity don’t matter, rather it’s whether you have similar views and deeper interests.

Friendships are built faster, you meet some nice people and yeah you just had breakfast together but why not spend the day exploring together, which often leads to lunch (hey you’ve all gotta eat right!?) and so on.

Living as an expat you also create your own community, you’re there for each other because you all understand that family is a long way away.

In 2011 after five years of university completing two degrees each, Wayne and I spent two months travelling Europe before starting our “real” jobs.  We loved it.  We knew that with my work it would be impossible to take this amount of time off again, so this would be our first, and last, big holiday.  This was somewhat devastating, as it had been such an amazing time.

A few years later we decided that we were not ok with missing out on seeing the world, and this sparked Wayne’s move to international teaching and to me quitting my job.  It was a scary decision, but we haven’t looked back, and are now looking forward to our next two month holiday together!

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