Who I Am

Hi!  I’m an Australian woman who had a quarter life crisis, demanded more from life and decided to make it happen.

I am a work in progress.

If you had asked me five years ago what I wanted my life to look like I would have painted a picture of myself living in Sydney, working my ass off as a commercial lawyer, dreaming of buying a big house and getting a dog.

But somewhere along the path to that life I realised that I wanted more.

I wanted to travel, to wander the world and see more than I ever could in four weeks annual leave.  To wake up and feel excited about life, not drag myself to work and live for the weekends.

To test myself, broaden my horizons, move to foreign lands so out of my comfort zone that I knew I would grow.

This blog follows my travels around the world, experiences living abroad and lessons learned along the way.

Join me as I wander with wonder.


Diving in the Komodo National Park, Indonesia