Where to eat healthy in Paris and get good coffee!

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Where to eat healthy in Paris and get good coffee!

Oh Paris.  My fourth visit and I am still enthralled by this city.

There is so much to do and see, and so much pleasure had in simply being in Paris.

The culture, the buildings, the people – sophistication oozes from every aspect.  Not to mention the gastronomic pleasures that await.

Usually known for it’s bread, cheese and wine, there are still plenty of places to get good quality food filled with nourishing fresh ingredients in the City of Light.  Here are some of my favourites 🙂

My Free Kitchen offer daily specials including freshly made quiches, vegetable breads, salads and delicious treats like apple crumble.  The cafe is cute and enjoyable to sit and watch the world go by, but be warned it gets busy and can be hard to get a table.


Wayne out the front of My Free Kitchen

Wayne out the front of My Free Kitchen


Le Bichat have a “base bowl” that changes each day, usually consisting of rice and various sautéed veggies.  You can add whatever protein you like, most days there are vegan, egg, chicken and pork options.  Great to sit and enjoy with a glass of wine in the restaurant, or you can get it to takeaway.

Just down the road from Le Bichat is Cambodian joint Le Petit Cambodge who also serve fresh bowls of goodness with a choice of meat or vegetarian, and further along the canal Jules et Shim do a similar thing.

Sol Semilla are only open for lunch (from 12 – 4pm) but it is definitely worth stopping in.  There is a veggie plate of the day which has a variety of different vegetables, each with its own texture and flavour.  You can tell it hasn’t just been thrown on the plate, but lovingly prepared with thought and effort.


Vegetable plate of the day at Sol Semilla

Vegetable plate of the day at Sol Semilla


If you are looking for something sweet to finish off your meal you cannot go past Helmut Newcake.  I had a chocolate and banana slice that was so decadent, rich and velvety – absolute heaven!

Holy Belly also had good reviews but unfortunately was closed when I was there – next time!


So, you’ve had a good meal, but where to get good coffee you ask?

These are my top three picks for coffee in Paris:

1. Cafe Craft
A popular spot for coworking, a long table takes up most of the cafe where for every 3 euro you spend you get an hour at the “office” table.  This is a real trend in Paris, there’s even another cafe actually called coworking across the road.  The coffee here is exceptional, with a full body and rich crema.


Craft Cafe

Cafe Craft


2. KB Cafeshop
A few blocks from the crowded craziness of Boulevard de Clichy is Avenue Trudaine, a quiet leafy street with one of my favourite cafes.  Called Kooka Boora last time we visited, the name has been shortened to KB, perhaps the French were struggling with the translation!

All coffees are made with a double shot, and the baristas know their stuff.  They also have many cakes and treats to tempt you, and there’s plenty of seating outside to catch some sun and people watch.


Coffee at KB Cafeshop

Coffee at KB Cafeshop


3. Ten Belles
This cafe immediately feels like home, surrounded by Australian accents from customers and staff alike.  The service is slow, but we’re not in a rush and it’s a nice atmosphere so we don’t mind.  The coffee is good and they even have banana bread and scones with jam.


Comment below with any I missed that I need to try next time!

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