Time for the next adventure, coming soon..!

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Time for the next adventure, coming soon..!

The international school year finishes in six months time in June, Wayne’s teaching contract is up and we’ve made the decision not to renew and move on from Beijing.

We don’t plan on moving back home to Aus either, we actually don’t know where we are headed just yet!

Currently our conversations with people both here in Beijing and from those at home have been going something like this:

Everyone: So what are you doing next year?
Us: Don’t know! *big smiles*
Everyone: But what’s your plan, and if that doesn’t work out what’s your back-up plan?
Us: Just playing it by ear, don’t have any definite plans.
Everyone: But, aren’t you worried?
Us: Nope, we actually think it’s pretty exciting – who knows where we’ll end up!
Everyone: Oh. *confused and worried expression*

It always amuses me that people are so nervous about a lack of definite answers.  I find it freeing, it’s a feeling of endless opportunity!

So why are we leaving Beijing?

Firstly let’s not beat around the bush, the winter is horrendously cold for two Sydney-siders, and the air pollution is pretty depressing at times.

The other reason we’ve decided to leave is because it has gotten comfortable.

When we first moved to Beijing it was daunting, challenging, full of new places, new people and a world of culture.

If we stayed now it would be because it has gotten easy, we know our way around, we speak some of the language, it’s good money, and we feel comfortable.

But we moved to China to challenge ourselves, to get far outside of our comfort zones, to dive headfirst into the unknown.

We want to continue to challenge ourselves, to grow and learn, and so will embark upon a new adventure into the next unknown!

I have loved our time here and don’t regret coming to Beijing for a second.  We have experienced a dynamic city during an exciting time of change and growth, have met some truly awesome people who I know we will remain friends with, learned so much about ourselves, and experienced living in a completely different culture.

Moving to Beijing has also given us trust in our own wings.  When our family and friends heard we were moving halfway around the world to a place we’d never been and frankly didn’t know much about – other than some (mostly negative) press from Australian media – they thought we were crazy.
But we took a leap of faith and jumped anyway, and I now have confidence in jumping into the unknown again, whatever that may be!

The more we challenge ourselves and put ourselves in uncomfortable situations the more I realise that we are more capable than we think, the importance of being adaptable and keeping a calm head, and that everything usually turns out ok!

At the end of the day maybe our next crazy adventure won’t work out the way we expect, in fact it probably won’t, but whatever happens I’m sure it will be full of great experiences and life lessons.

In the wise words of  Yvon Chouinard: “The word ‘adventure’ has gotten overused. For me, when everything goes wrong – that’s when adventure starts”.

So embrace the unknown, get out and have an adventure!

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