What happens when you start setting personal goals

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What happens when you start setting personal goals

We often have goals or targets set for us at work, but something I’ve been thinking about is the benefits of goal setting in your personal life.

Over the last year or so I’ve been setting goals for myself.
Things that I want to achieve purely for my own personal satisfaction and self improvement.

These have included physical goals such as doing yoga everyday, taking part in 10km fun runs and completing my first triathlon, as well as intellectual challenges like sitting HSK exams (the standardised Mandarin language test).

Setting goals gives you something to work towards, keeps you accountable, and gives you a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you complete it.

It provides direction, you are not aimlessly going day-to-day without purpose or something to work towards.

Think about what you want for yourself, and make it happen!  When you work towards a goal you are turning your thoughts into reality.

Set a goal now, don’t wait until you think you are ready, or you’ll probably never do it.

When I entered the triathlon I was not prepared, I had not been training and hadn’t been swimming for a really long time.  Once I knew I was going to participate I got in the pool and started, it gave me the push I needed.

I signed up for the HSK exam and was completely overwhelmed looking at past papers for the level I had chosen, and wondered what I was thinking.

But this is good, aim high!  Having a challenging goal provides fuel for your drive and perseverance to get there, and means when you do get there you are rewarded with a rush of pride and happiness.

Specific and tangible goals give you inspiration to get started working towards them, as well as incentive to not give up in pursuit of them.

There is no way I would have learned all of the Chinese characters I now know if I hadn’t signed up to take those tests.  Realising I would not even be able to understand the question if I couldn’t recognise the characters pushed me to focus on studying.

The feeling of elation and self-satisfaction when I walked out of the exam having done something that previously seemed impossible was awesome.




By setting difficult goals I have pushed myself harder than I otherwise would have, and in doing so uncovered potential I didn’t know I had.

In this way it’s also a journey of self discovery, learning about what you want, how strong you are (mentally and/or physically), and what you can achieve if you set your mind to it.

The top 5 benefits of personal goal setting I have experienced are:

  1.  Focus and direction working towards something.
  2.  A tangible result where you can see how far you have come.
  3.  Working on something you have decided is important to you – you are accountable to yourself and are making your ambitions a priority.
  4.  Motivation, a positive and contagious energy.
  5.  Being a person of action making things happen, rather than just talking about them.

By setting goals and achieving them you become the best you can be, and ensure that you continue to grow and learn.

Approaching the new year a lot of people are making some pretty vague resolutions, instead I suggest setting some specific personal goals for yourself.

So, what are you going to achieve next year?!

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  1. I am going to take your advice. I am so proud of you Emma. Love you, mom x

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