Chilli & lime fish

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Chilli & lime fish

The chilli in this dish comes from sambal oelek, which is an Indonesian chilli sauce.  In Indo, every chef worth his salt has a couple of secret sambal recipes. While this one is just a generic store bought variety, it still packs a punch. Just be sure to check the label for the ingredients 😉  It should be made almost entirely out of ground red chilli, so be careful with it if you don’t have a high tolerance for spicy food!


Ingredients (serves 2)
2 fillets of fish of your choice
4 teaspoons of sambal oelek
Salt and pepper
1 fresh lime


1)      Coat the fish in the sambal, using more or less depending on how much spice you like, and season with salt & pepper.

2)      Fry in a pan with a little coconut oil for a few minutes each side until cooked.

3)      Serve on a bed of fresh spinach, tomatoes and avocado (the avocado will go perfectly with the chilli).

4)      Drizzle with a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice.

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