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The capital of Spain, Madrid is a city that manages to be so alive and bustling while still being so laid back.

It’s almost too easy to while away the afternoon people watching in a plaza over a jug of sangria and some tapas.

Although we were in Madrid during winter we had beautiful warm sunny days with clear blue skies, perfect for relaxing in the many parks.

One day we took the cable car to Casa de Campo the enormous park in Madrid which is a great day out, it was really nice to be out in what felt like the middle of bushland.  You could easily pack a picnic of some local produce and be set for the day.



Almudena Cathedral



The Royal Palace


If you are in Madrid over the weekend head to La Latina (the suburb where we stayed) where every Sunday el Rastro is on, the most popular open air flea market in Madrid.

There was a sea of people of all ages moving up the streets as market owners yelled out jovially words we could not understand, it was such a great atmosphere.  We ended up buying a couple of scarves and a cosy jumper.


El Rastro

el Rastro


Ah vino, the wine in Europe is better quality, waaay cheaper and much more readily available than in my homeland of Australia.  Now the big question, to get the 1 euro bottle or the expensive 3 euro bottle….


Putting Aussie wine prices to shame

Putting Aussie wine prices to shame


My friend was living in Madrid when we were there so she showed us around and invited us to join her and her friends on Friday and Saturday night.  It is definitely true that Madrileños do everything much later at night, Friday we had what they called an “early night” getting home at 4.30am, and Saturday we sat down to eat dinner at 11pm!

There’s no shortage of bars and clubs, and there is a very cheerful feeling stepping onto the street late at night with many others out and about enjoying themselves.

We had so much fun, it’s always great when you can meet up with friends overseas.  If there is somewhere you’ve been wanting to go and your friend moves there make sure you go!  As a traveller you have a really rich experience full of things you probably wouldn’t experience without a local, and as the expat it is always nice to see a friendly face from home.

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