Life is precious

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Life is precious

One week ago American teacher Jonathan Sokoloff, who was living in Beijing, was involved in an accident while riding his scooter home.  He suffered serious brain injuries and is currently in the ICU in a coma and on life support.

Tragically he is not expected to recover.

I did not know Jonathan, but from all accounts including from my friends who knew him well, he was a really good person.  This is shown by the fact that he was sending money home from Beijing to support the ongoing medical expenses of his mother back in the USA.

In times of tragedy we are reminded of what is important.  The worries of am I skinny enough, do they like me, is my work good enough, did I say the wrong thing fade away in the presence of a reality like this.

We take stock, we remember that human life is vulnerable and can be taken away in an instant.

Today at a fundraising event for Jonathan I was also reminded of the beauty of human kindness.  In order to raise money for his sister to come to China, repatriation expenses, legal fees and funeral arrangements my friends organised an online crow fund (you can donate here) as well as the event held today which included an auction of items donated by various companies in Beijing and donation boxes.

People from all across the community came and showed their support.  These actions of solidarity in times of crisis are invaluable to those involved.  I have no doubt that these gestures will be remembered by Jonathan’s family as a small beacon of light in a truly dark time.

Remember life is precious, live accordingly.


* Sadly since this post was published Jonathan has passed away.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends.  

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  1. Powerful post Em. I’m very sorry to hear about Jonathan. It is shocking things like this that make you realise what’s important. Thank you for reminding us.

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