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We had been making our way along the Spanish coast, and after leaving Huelva we headed into Portugal.

Our first stop was Lagos, known for it’s stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Ancient walls enclose the old town which is a criss-cross of cobbled streets lined with restaurants, bars and hostels.

It’s peak season so it is very busy, particularly around meal time within the old town walls.

Families and backpackers stroll through the streets and fill the many cafes, while travel agents line the boulevard selling boat trips, bike hire and kayaking tours of the famous grottos.

Lagos has a fun and cheerful character, and a creative side with street art spray painted larger than life on many buildings.

Splashes of bright colours are everywhere.  Most buildings have whitewash walls, coloured shutters and flowers spilling over the walls.

Passing artworks and pops of colour you can’t help but smile as you wander the streets.


sunflowers and blue shutters


pink flowers


An early morning run to the lighthouse and around the headland gives me amazing panoramic views of the cliffs and grottos.  It’s not too hot and best of all there’s no-one else there!

I stop for some quiet meditation overlooking an untouched and pristine beach, the sunlight sparkling off the turquoise water, rocks rising from the depths, listening to the crash of waves.


paths on cliff




private beach


I head back with Wayne later in the day to show him the beauty, but it’s stinking hot, the path is crowded with tourists, and the water busy with tour boats and kayakers.  The magic is gone.

We explore several beaches, but our favourite is a small nudist beach accessed by what I would call a goat track, at the foot of a cliff.


The "goat track"!

The “goat track”!


The reward at the end - a quiet and peaceful beach

The reward at the end – a quiet and peaceful beach


We also drive to beaches in the area, often packing a picnic to enjoy by the sea.  North of Albufeira are some great beaches, and in the town head to Eurasia for an all you can eat vegetarian buffet (that sometimes sneaks in a meat dish!) for only 7.50 euro.

Food wise in Lagos we had one disappounting meal – breakfast at Oasis cafe on the marina.  The service was slow and the food is overpriced for what you get.

However we also had some really fantastic food.  Barsao is a small restaurant located in a square near the apartment we stayed in, and we had the best piri piri chicken there.

The chicken was charcoal roasted to perfection, and we slathered homemade piri piri sauce over it.  It’s also worth going here just to see the owner’s moustache!

Within the old town Casa do Prego are known for serving traditional steak sandwiches, as well as hipster salads, grilled chicken and fish.  I had a grilled tuna plate which was delicious, and Wayne devoured a sandwich.

On the edge of town Cafe Fresco have fresh and healthy options like their vegan salad, as well as things like burgers and chips.


Vegan Salad at Cafe Fresco

Vegan Salad at Cafe Fresco


Lagos is a great place to unwind, with everything you could possibly need.  There are plenty of activities on offer and you can do as much or as little as you like.

A tourist hot spot there is no shortage of restaurants, although as we discovered some are better than others.

It would probably be more enjoyable on shoulder season rather than peak season, but we still had a great time in Lagos.

After a few days relaxing on beautiful beaches we were ready to make our way to the capital, Lisbon.


  1. Love the pics of the flowers, especially the pink ones! Did you guys partake in the nudist beach?!

    • Of course! 😉

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