I met my soul mate at 15

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I met my soul mate at 15

Long term relationships at a young age are a beautiful, yet fragile thing.  I met my now husband when we were just 15 years old.

Some people think this is a beautiful love story, some think it’s sad, some think it’s strange.

The best piece of advice I can give anyone in a serious relationship at a young age is don’t let other people get in your head.

You are the only one in your relationship, and if that person is who you are looking for it may be that you are lucky enough to have found them early in your life.

I am so grateful that Wayne and I met when we did, it means we have already been able to spend 10 amazing years together, growing as individuals and as a couple.  Everyday we get to chase our dreams together, to share in the ups and downs, the challenges and the celebrations.

There were times when people questioned what I was doing, and suggested that I needed to get out and try other relationships.  At every stage of my life, I asked myself what my ideal partner would be, what characteristics would he have, how would he make me feel, and every time I found that I already had that in Wayne, so why would I give that up?

There are a few key ingredients for a successful relationship.  You need to have the same core values, for example it’s not going to work if one of you really values family and the other one doesn’t.  You need to be interested in enough of the same things so you can agree on what constitutes a good time.

Wayne and I both love scuba diving, surfing and skiing.  At the same time you also need to have your own interests and still be an individual, there should be things you do separately.  For me that’s crossfit, yoga and horseriding.

Respect each other, you will of course have disagreements (such is life!) but you need to fight right.
That means really hearing each other and considering their point of view, and remembering that ultimately you are on the same team.

Finally, you need to be best friends.  Your partner should be the person you want to tell everything to, the one you trust more than anyone, and the one you love spending your time with.


Our wedding day, after 10 years together



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