Horse riding on the beach and waterfall rappelling in the jungle!

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Horse riding on the beach and waterfall rappelling in the jungle!

Located at the southern tip of the beautiful Osa Peninsula lies Rancho Tropical, originally a cattle farm that began offering horse riding tours back in 2012.

I arrive at the ranch and meet my trusty steed for the day, Pinta, who is saddled and ready to go.  The horses are clearly well cared for and full of energy, ready to take us on a Costa Rican adventure!

The ride begins through grassy fields as cattle warily watch us pass by, making our way into the refreshingly cool shade of the jungle.  We follow the trail through the lush rainforest as our knowledgeable guide points out plenty of wildlife along the way.

The Osa is teeming with exotic plants and animals, we see a green and black poison dart frog, screech owls, a green parrot, black iguana, white faced monkeys and black hawks circling above looking for prey.

Riding through the rainforest is so beautiful it feels like being in a postcard, the horses splashing through the streams and leaves crunching underfoot.  I immediately feel myself relax and breathe in the fresh air a little deeper.

As the trail steepens we are rewarded with a glorious vista over Golfo Dulce.



It’s time to dismount and give the horses a break while we embark on part two of the adventure – waterfall repelling!  A short walk takes us to the top of ventana al cielo (window to the sky), a gorgeous cascading 33m waterfall.

The guides help us into our harnesses and explain the best way to approach the waterfall, advising those with a fear of heights not to look down!



One of the great things about repelling is that you are in total control and can go as fast, or as slow, as you like!  The most important things to remember are to lean back into your harness, and to look where you’re putting your feet.

I pause halfway down the waterfall to enjoy the moment, the sounds of birds and natural wildlife all around, fresh water flowing over me.  These are the moments you travel and explore for, a moment where you are completely immersed in an authentic experience.

Reaching the swimming hole at the bottom of the waterfall I feel the adrenaline and endorphins flowing through my body and can’t stop myself smiling ear to ear.



The fun’s not over yet, as we return to our horses and head back down the mountain. This time we ride onto the beach where we are given the go ahead to gallop across the sandy beach, the waves gently rolling onto shore as the tide comes in.

As I push Pinta forward she takes off and we are one, flying across the Costa Rican coastline, a gentle breeze lifting her mane.  I find myself laughing out loud with pure and unbridled joy at this simple pleasure, being in complete harmony with my horse, the earth and the ocean.

All too soon our adventure has come to an end as we make our way back to the ranch where the horses are unsaddled and cooled off.  We are offered plates of delicious fresh mango and pineapple, and kept company by the farm animals including sheep, cattle, peacocks, turkeys and of course the horses!

Truly the perfect way to experience the stunning wilderness of the Osa with just the right amount of adventure.


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