Haters gonna hate

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Haters gonna hate

Other people will not always be happy with you and your choices, and that’s ok.  For example, if you are choosing to look after your body and eat good nutritious food, not everyone will be thrilled.  But thanks to Taylor Swift, we know that haters gonna hate, and to just shake it off!

I avoid eating gluten, which many people take issue with.
For a while I also cut out alcohol, and wow did some of my friends not like that!  But if you can’t have a good time with your friend(s) without it revolving around alcohol or requiring you to be drunk, that’s a problem.

Don’t let the haters bring you down.  If your friends aren’t happy about you trying to be the best and healthiest version of you, you probably don’t want to be hanging out with them anyway!  Life’s too short to spend time with people who don’t lift you up.  If you are trying to improve yourself that is a beautiful thing and you should surround yourself with those who respect and encourage you.

We should always respect other people’s opinions, about nutrition as well as religion, politics, and pretty much everything.  But make sure they respect yours as well.  No-one has the right to force their opinion onto someone else.

If you’re informed and excited about eating fresh healthy foods, you don’t need to start attacking the chicken schnitzel burger your friend just ordered.  I regularly watch my friends down foods that aren’t the best for them (ever heard of a poutine burger…) but it’s their life and their body, so their choice.

Conversely, don’t let anyone make you feel bad for ordering a salad.  You are the only one who lives in your body, so you are the only one who knows how certain foods make you feel.  This is true with everything in life.  It’s very easy to make judgements about people’s lives, jobs, relationships, but unless you’re living it day to day, you cannot possibly know what someone is dealing with.

I notice a lot of negativity between women, guys don’t care if you’re eating grilled fish or a hamburger, but your girlfriends will get judgy.  I don’t know what it is with women hating on other women, but it is so prevalent.

I have experienced it myself and I hear about it all the time, women who want to feel like they are “better” than their friends – what happened to wanting to better yourself, and to supporting your friends.  Women buy magazines to take satisfaction from looking at other women’s perceived “bad hair day” or scandalous cellulite photos.  We should be celebrating each others achievements and encouraging each other!

Tara Mohr has written about this phenomena and why women are inclined to criticise each other, you can read an insightful Q&A with her here.


Dear woman


There will be plenty of people with an opinion on your health choices.  When you say you’re not drinking they will ask an imploring and concerned “why not?”  When you say you don’t eat gluten cue the eye rolling.  But don’t let this make you feel bad (in fact never let someone’s opinion  get you down).  Just chose how you react, and chose not to let it get to you.

Often when people are harsh it comes from a place of insecurity within themselves.  If they are being weird and judgemental about you not drinking or eating well, these are likely things they struggle with themselves.  If it continues, it might be time to distance yourself from those people.

You need to surround yourself with supportive people. That doesn’t mean they need to make the same choices as you, they just need to respect your choices.

Be true to yourself – you are the only person you need to answer to.

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