5 of my favourite links – check ‘em out!

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5 of my favourite links – check ‘em out!

Just a quick one today, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite articles and one video:

1. Dr Libby gave a great TedX talk you can watch here specifically for women, discussing the pace of our modern life versus our caveman biochemistry, why it is so important to slow down sometimes, and to remember you are precious!

2. This article talks about why you should stop and question what you’re doing, and how to head in the direction of happiness“It’s time to make your happiness a priority”.

3. Not sure about the benefits of meditation? Check this one out! If I wasn’t convinced already I am now.

4. I love love love foam rolling!  It’s super easy to do and your body feels amazing afterwards.  Check out these articles (one and two) on fascia and the benefits of foam rolling, as well as some cool examples.  I also like to use a golf or lacrosse ball to get into my shoulders and back, and a barbell on my quads (if you’re a real sadist!).  Find a spot that’s uncomfortable, then get comfortable and stay there for 30 secs to a minute – your body will thank you for it afterwards!

5. An oldie but a goodie this article is great if you are interested in trying intermittent fasting but not sure if you should, or just want to know what it’s all about.

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