Cleanse your life

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Cleanse your life

We clean out our wardrobes to get rid of clothes that are ill-fitting or that we don’t feel good wearing, we clean out our kitchens to get rid of food that is stale or that we don’t enjoy anymore.

But what about the non material things, when was the last time you cleaned out your life?

I’m talking about your relationships, your habits, your thoughts.  It’s time to let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Consider the people you spend most of your time with, do they make you feel happy, inspired, energised and joyful?

What about your job, do you get out of bed and want to go to work each day, or are you dragging your feet and living for the weekend?

If you notice thoughts, actions, people or anything else in your life that doesn’t serve you, that makes you feel down, frustrated or unhappy it’s time to rethink why that is part of your life.

Social media is another area, often people want to have more ‘friends’ as a sign of popularity, but this should definitely be a quality over quantity decision.  If there are people in your Facebook news feed who post negative things, who you are not even friends with in real life, or you don’t even know who they are – clean them out too!

Make conscious decisions to remove the negative aspects of your life, and allow yourself to be happy.


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That’s not to say you shouldn’t clean out your physical possessions as well, in fact I encourage you to do so, it’s a great feeling to rid yourself of belongings that are burdening you.

Get rid of tupperware with mismatched lids, beauty products you never use and have had since you were in high school, clothes you’ve never worn, and books you won’t read again.

After we gave notice on our lease in Sydney before moving to China we began selling and giving away all of our belongings.  Previously when we had moved we had just taken all of our stuff with us, but this time it had to go!  All these things we had worked hard to save for, ummed and ahhed over whether to buy or not, and put so much time into choosing and arranging.

We aspire to buy things, stating how much we want or need the latest car / shoes / bag etc.  But what does it all come down to, really? Is that life – things?  Or is it your friends and family, your experiences each and every day, your life.

Don’t waste your life gathering possessions, make memories instead, they don’t lose their value and will last forever.

It was so liberating getting rid of our material possessions, each time a large piece was taken out of the apartment it felt as though the weight of it was lifted from my shoulders, all those things had ever done was tie us down.

We have so much attachment to inanimate objects, and yet it’s a never ending cycle of continuing to want more and more, and we only ever get temporary happiness once we attain the desired object.

I’ve realised it doesn’t nourish your life to have things.  Think about the memories of when you were happiest, I bet it’s times spent with the people who mean the most to you, times exploring new experiences, times out in nature.

We are so caught up in an endless cycle thinking we just need to get that better job / bigger house / nicer office, and we’re confused when we get there because we’re not happy.  There’s always another thing that we’re chasing, the next promotion, the newer car, and so the cycle continues.  It’s time to end the cycle – you are in control.


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