Choose your words carefully

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Choose your words carefully

We underestimate the power of our words.

Our words manifest our intentions and our thoughts.

Words are how we communicate, how we express ourselves, how we think.

But we must be careful, because our words can create joy and happiness, or they can cause destruction and misery.

You may not realise it, but your words plant seeds in the minds of others.

Hearing someone’s opinion and believing it gives it power, it changes our mindset.

You might comment on something and then forget about it completely, but the person you said it to has had a seed planted in their mind.

We grow the seeds planted by others without even realising it.

Growing up I was often compared to my older sisters and asked ‘why can’t you be more like them’.  This planted a seed in my mind, and for a long time I believed that I wasn’t good enough.

Words can act as emotional poison and pull a person down causing feelings of anger, hurt, fear and doubt.  Or, words can lift people up and make them feel supported, loved and happy.

This goes for the words we speak to ourselves as well.  Ever catch yourself thinking a negative thought like ‘I’m so unfit’ or ‘I can’t believe I did that I’m so stupid’.  You are planting those seeds in your own mind and causing pain for yourself.

It is often with ourselves and the people we love the most that we get complacent with our words and cause harm, when those are the people we least want to hurt.

Take responsibility for your words.  Choose them carefully.  Use them for good.

And be aware of others planting seeds in your mind, remember it is the seeds we water that grow.  Negative seeds will only grow if you pay attention to them and give them power by believing them.

Let’s be kind to ourselves, and to others.

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