Childhood nostalgia

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Childhood nostalgia

I write about filling your life with memories on this blog, but not all memories are forged as adults, some are old memories from when we were young children.  A time of such sweet naivety and innocence, these are often remembered with a strong sense of nostalgia.

I grew up on ‘Hilltop’, a hobby farm in rural NSW, Australia.  I was born just after my family had moved out of a shed and into the house my dad had built, and we lived there until I was about 10 years old.  My childhood was idyllic, full of sunshine and adventure.

I was put on our shetland pony Tom Thumb before I could walk, was looked after by our loyal border collie Lisa, would get swarmed by our goats when I took them stale bread, and used to race home from school to have cuddles with our calves Annabelle and Sebastian (I named him after the crab in The Little Mermaid).

My weekends were spent at Pony Club and swimming in our dams on hot summer days.


Beth & me on Tom

My sister Beth & I on Tom Thumb


I absolutely idolised my two older sisters Lucy and Beth, and constantly trailed behind them copying everything they did.  The Australian sun freckled our faces as we roamed about without a care in the world.

We didn’t have nintendo or playstation, and rarely watched television – why would I want to watch a screen when the world was outside waiting for me!  I ran all over our land, chased after butterflies and picked fresh strawberries.

As my mom said later, we were left to be ‘wild’.  We were lucky to have such freedom, and I will always cherish those beautiful memories.


Me & Dad

My dad & I on the farm


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