Rome (2012)

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Rome (2012)

We arrive into Rome by train and are pretty tired so decide that rather than brave the metro / trams it would be easiest with our baggage to just get a taxi.

Out the front of the taxi stand a middle aged man in a long trench coat asks “Taxi?! Taxi?!”  Wayne obliges and tells him where we want to go, he immediately whisked us off down the street – heading away from the taxi rank.  Wayne and I exchange brief glances, it feels a little off.

It began to feel more wrong as he led us down a random street to a non marked vehicle that was most definitely not a registered taxi.  I hesitantly left my pack on my back, but he quickly came and took it off putting it into the car, and promptly sped off with us nervously in tow.

As he points out tourist sights along the way I feel more at ease, and he and Wayne soon made friends as although he could only speak Italian he manages to get out the phrase “Sunday drivers!” as he angrily yells out the window at slow drivers, something Wayne also often complains about.

I cannot begin to tell you the manoeuvres that he pulled out at top speed as we hurtled along, but when he made a joke about being Michael Schumacher he wasn’t far off!  In the end no harm was done and he definitely got us to our destination faster than an actual taxi would have.

We stayed in a quaint little apartment in the neighbourhood of Trastevere that I loved, you can check it our here.  We particularly liked to get a bottle of wine and enjoy it on the small balcony as the sun set.

The local community or Trasteverini have lived there for centuries and eschewed change, and for that we were grateful as the area was absolutely gorgeous.


Wayne at the door to our apartment building

Wayne at the door to our apartment building


Our afternoon ritual

Our afternoon ritual on our apartment balcony


We spent an afternoon walking the crowded streets of Roma, which were particularly packed as it was the public holiday Epiphany as well as the second day of winter sales.

Europe constantly amazes me with its mesmerizing beauty, around every corner is a hypnotically striking building begging to tell you it’s story, and this is nowhere more so than in Rome.




We soon establish our local favourite for dinner, down a quiet street in Trastevere is Antica Trattoria Da Carlone, where they have been dishing up what is claimed to be Rome’s best spaghetti alla carbonara since the early 1900s.  You can read more about our experiences in Rome and at that restaurant here.

Having both studied ancient history we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the splendid sights Roma has on offer.  We bought a detailed guide book which we read as walked through each site.  Having read about these places and then actually standing there where it all happened was completely surreal.

We whiled away our time in the magnificent city drinking good coffee and wine, eating delicious food, absorbing the history and appreciating the modern functionality of the city.  This is a place that has so much to offer, and I know we will be back!

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